Holiday Lighting Designs You'll Love

Holiday Lighting Designs You'll Love

Sep 16th 2022 Staff

The holidays are upon us, and one of the hallmarks of the holidays is lighting. While many people focus on outdoor lighting, you can spruce up your holidays and your mood by having the best indoor holiday design. LightStyles is a local lighting store located in Cornelius, North Carolina. Learn some great tips for your indoor lighting this holiday season, and stop by today!

Change the Light Bulbs in Your Indoor Lamps 

One great way to brighten your holiday cheer is to change out the light bulbs in your indoor lamps. You can choose from seasonal colors, such as green or red, or just choose a warmer temperature to create a cozy environment you'll love.

Deck the Halls With Lighting 

People love lights, and when you deck your entryway and hallway with lighting, your guests will love it. Choose from a myriad of lighting options that one of our lighting designers can help you with, including pendants, lanterns, or even mini-chandeliers. Shop our selection today.

Install Accent Lighting 

Many people love to leave the lights on that hang from their Christmas tree because it provides wonderful ambient lighting. You can get this same effect in other areas of your home this holiday season in Cornelius by investing in picture display lights or subtle wall sconces.

Set the Mood With Candles 

Many people love candles - and for good reason. They not only offer a much-needed light source, but they also can offer a great ambiance, as their light offers us comfort, and if they are scented, their scent can bring in the season. Shop our selection today!


We hope you've enjoyed our holiday indoor lighting tips. For all of your residential and commercial indoor and outdoor lighting, stop by LightStyles in Cornelius today!

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