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Admittedly, there is a lot to know in this world; some would argue that there's just too much information in order to be a master at everything. This is one reason to trust our lighting specialists with all of your needs. LightStyles is a lighting showroom located in Cornelius, North Carolina. All of our staff are American Lighting Association-certified specialists, allowing them to offer you the best lighting advice and decor ideas for your residential or commercial spaces. We love bringing you the absolute best for your indoor and outdoor living spaces. Below, we'll take a look at outdoor lighting you might not know about — which is why we're here! Stop by, or browse online today!

Hanging Lanterns

Hanging lanterns are usually an outdoor lighting design that many people just don't think about. While lanterns may be considered "old style," they offer a rustic charm that simply can't be beat. Many people love the historical look, and hanging lanterns are one of the best ways to recreate it. Available in every finish, design, and material under the sun, you can mix and match till your heart's delight. Let our expert lighting designers help you find the perfect hanging lantern for your needs. Call today.

Marine Lights

Marine lights are used on boats and other water vessels in order to offer the best lighting possible. Most boats come with marine lights, but when they wear out or are broken, we can help with a replacement. In addition, you can use marine lights as underwater lighting for your water feature, such as a pond or fountain. There's something about the diffused light that shines up through water at night, and by investing in marine lights, you'll have a beautiful look you'll love. Get in touch today.

Post Mount Lights

Post mount lights are outdoor lighting types that are meant to be mounted to a pole or post. Post mount lights have many outdoor landscape uses, including being used to light your fencing perimeter, walkways, and driveways. Post mount lights are truly unique pieces of outdoor lighting because you can customize them to fit your outdoor design perfectly. They are available in many different styles, colors, and finishes that can cast a modern, traditional, or even rustic look. Some have one featured light; others have many. Our lighting designers can help you choose which is best for you. Schedule a free consultation today!


The name itself sounds like something out of a Sherlock Holmes movie, but trust us when we say that you'll want to know about bollards. Bollards are a specific type of outdoor lighting that features a light encased in a vertical post that is fixed to the ground. The name comes from the nautical word, bollard, which is the name of the post on the dock or wharf that you tie your boat or ship to. These posts traditionally are cylindrical and round at the top, which is why bollard lights are similarly shaped, although you'll see different shapes today. Bollards make great outdoor lighting fixtures for pathways and landscaping walkways and are just beautiful to behold.

Wall Lanterns

Another often overlooked lighting feature is the wall lantern. Perhaps this lighting feature is overlooked because it requires a wall, and outside of our home or office building, the only other wall in a landscape design is a retaining wall. That being said, wall lanterns can be mounted to fences, railing, decks, and pergolas — anywhere there's a surface, really. Because wall lanterns come in some of the best outdoor designs, we couldn't pass up this type of outdoor lighting to recommend. Speak to our American Lighting Association-certified specialists today!


LightStyles is proud to offer the best outdoor lighting to Cornelius and beyond. We aim to ensure our customers have everything they need to be comfortable in their homes, offices, and outdoor living areas. If you are interested in our indoor or outdoor lighting designs, contact a lighting specialist, and visit our lighting showroom in Cornelius today!

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