The Beauty of Fall Lighting Updates

The Beauty of Fall Lighting Updates

Aug 9th 2022 Staff

As the days shorten and the trees begin to prepare for fall with wonderful arrays of colors, your mood may be shifting, too. While many love the fall season, the winter can be hard for many. LightStyles understands the importance of lighting, especially during the colder months. Learn about ways to add fall lighting to your home to keep your mood bright and cheery, and shop at our Cornelius lighting showroom today!

Try a New Lamp Shade

Changes don't have to be big in order to make a big impact. You can easily upgrade an existing lamp with a new lamp shade. Darker lamp shades with warm colors can brighten your mood, or choose a more translucent shade to let more light into your space.

Lighting With Candles

The soft flicker of a candle has the power to instantly soothe us because our minds associate candles with relaxation. LightStyles offers a plethora of different candles for you to choose from that can help soothe the soul this fall. Shop today!

Accent Lighting

Aren't different types of lighting wonderful? Accent lighting is a type of lighting that is purely to help set the mood and highlight features in your home that you love. From string lights to decorative lanterns, choose some great accent lighting for all your spaces.

Warm Light Bulbs

Light bulbs have temperatures, and some are brighter, giving a room a more upbeat feel; while softer, warmer light bulbs help you to unwind and relax. Swap out your light bulbs this fall for a wonderful calm space today.


LightStyles has been your local source of indoor and outdoor lighting since 1984. Stop by our lighting showroom for beautiful fall lighting to warm the spirits today!

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