The Importance of Proper Hallway Lighting

Jul 11th 2022 Staff

Many people don't think too much about their hallway lighting. The lighting designers here at LightStyles in Cornelius are here to share with you that you should consider your hallway lighting more often because it is incredibly important for many reasons. Learn more below, and stop by our lighting showroom today.


Hallways connect rooms in your home, and if they are dark, odds are, you may trip and fall, especially in the middle of the night when you are not all that awake. You should invest in great hallway lighting in order to ensure safety for you and your family. Our lighting designers suggest that you consider wall lighting, which can light up the areas of your hallway, while providing great task lighting, too.

First Impressions

You can think of the foyer or your home's entry hallway as the first impression a guest will have of your home. You want to ensure your home is bright and beautiful and not dark and dank. Having a stunning lighting piece to greet your guest and to provide great lighting is recommended. Consider a large pendant or a chandelier of the appropriate size for your space.

Highlight the Items on Your Hallway Walls

Many people use their hallways for decorative purposes. They hang up family pictures or favorite artwork, or perhaps they have coat racks for their winter gear. Mirrors are popular home decor items that are hung in hallways as well. Our lighting designers suggest that you invest in picture lighting to highlight these items, or pendant lighting to illuminate other items, such as your coat racks.

Consider Lighting Direction for Beautiful Lighting Effects

To get the most bang for your buck, you should consider lighting that shines both upwards and down. This can not only illuminate your space with much-needed light, but it can also create beautiful light and shade patterns and give your hallway a unique feel. Consider our two-directional wall sconces to create this stunning effect.


Indoor lighting is an important aspect of your home since we spend so much of our time here. You want to ensure you have the light to see by, while also ensuring you have a beautiful space to enjoy. Our lighting designers here at LightStyles believe that meeting both of these goals is definitely possible. We encourage you to take advantage of our free lighting consultations where we can answer all of your questions and offer helpful advice. We offer indoor lighting in every possible style you can imagine, and because we keep up with the latest in lighting trends, you're sure to find the optimal style and finish for your tastes. To get started, visit our Cornelius lighting showroom, or browse online today!

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