LightStyles offers a wide range of lighting control solutions for both residential and commercial settings. Lighting controls provide the ability to adjust lighting levels to create the right atmosphere and to improve energy efficiency. For residential customers, we offer a variety of dimmers, switches, timers, and occupancy sensors. These lighting accessories enable homeowners to adjust lighting levels to create the perfect atmosphere for any occasion. Additionally, LightStyles’s dimmers, switches, and occupancy sensors can help to reduce energy costs by ensuring that lighting is used only when needed.

For commercial settings, LightStyles offers a variety of lighting control systems and products. These lighting products are designed to meet the needs of any commercial space, from retail stores to offices. These lighting control systems can be used to adjust lighting levels to ensure that customers and employees feel comfortable, while also providing energy savings. LightStyles’s systems can be programmed to automatically adjust the lighting levels based on the amount of natural light in the room, the time of day, or other factors. To get started, stop by our lighting showroom in Cornelius, North Carolina today!

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